Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lit Motors Brings 2 Wheel Technology to the CES Show Floor

Two Wheels and a whole lot of technology to take you places!

It's kind of a motorcycle but you have steering wheel and a regular sitting position with pedals and a seat belt. It stands on its own two wheels with the help of computer controlled gyroscopic stabilization while operating.  The completely electric C1 vehicle has redundant safety systems, airbags and enough gyro stabilization to keep it upright even in a broadside collision with another vehicle like a car.  There are even "landing gear" for parking and as a safety feature.

The C1 and The Kubo by Lit Motors

I have watched this idea grow over the last 2 years since meeting the   at The EG Conference here in Monterey.  These guys are way ahead of the game in new vehicle technologies. Watch them close as their Cheif Marketing Officer Ryan James said that the C1 should start production later in Q4 of 2014 with deliveries to begin shortly thereafter.  Your gonna look twice when you see one of these back out of a parking space or stop at a light, I assure you.  Gyroscopic stabilization of a 2 wheeled vehicle is not a dream it is already here.....check out the Kubo Scooter also pictured here.

Kubo  Cargo Scooter

Check out the specs and all the info at their site www.litmotors.com They are also taking preorders for the C1 on the site. It is an exciting time for electric vehicles and this quite easily is my favorite one that a person can actually buy and drive in the near future.  Toyota had a futuristic concept 3 wheeled electric vehicle at the show too but there are no plans to actually market that model in the next year like this one.

imagery and story copyright by George Krieger 2014