Friday, August 23, 2013

Burning Man 2013 Begins . . .

Burning Man 2013 Begins . . .

My first trip to Burning Man is my next journey.  I will be credentialed media for still imagery and I also picked up a gig working for the Burning Man Project Group helping recreate and support the very popular Ustream Webcast from it's recent demise.  I cannot begin to explain how excited I am because i am so stressed getting out of here.  This will be my first Burn and I am working the event.  I will challenge my knees and legs to carry me through the dozen days of abuse and torture.  I will survive!

Preparations have been made hasty and I am running late due to many issues that life has presented me with of late. The main distraction has been my father's recent stroke and subsequent hospitalization.  He is getting out now and I am focused on the show ahead.  I will seek out the technology and art of the Cargo Cult theme as well as help bring the video feed to screens worldwide.  (

I have traveled around the bay area meeting Burners and their Art over the last few weeks.  I am trying to understand the event and the people who live to go and participate each year.

Some groups even have a secret handshake ...some weirder than others :)

They even let me have some fun with the Cargo Boxes... here is my little contribution.  I can't wait to see the South Bay CORE group at the Playa!

Here they are the day we visited them. We also went to Oakland to see Art Cars being built and tested like this one named Chester.

Well back to packing and loading the PT Cruiser with way too much stuff. 

Please watch the event via the Webcast that I will help support this year you can see it starting this Saturday at If you are heading to the Burn find me and say hello! You can find my contact information in my profiles at Google+ and Facebook.

(I will try to post a picture of my loaded car before I leave)