Thursday, January 9, 2014

It may look funny but it doesn't need gas or a power plug!

Lotus Mobile from Monarch Power

It tracks the sun giving you 30% more energy than rooftop solar, folds up at night, looks like a Lotus Flower and can charge your Tesla Roadster....So why not combine all three and make the show at CES a little more interesting.

Professor Joseph Hui is the man behind the odd looking Tesla you see here.  His company Monarch Power created this Lotus Flower inspired solar power system for houses. The unique structure of the supports for the solar panels allows for less weight and cost than  traditional roof mounted panels while providing more power by tracking the sun all day and folding up at night.

Obviously this is not a practical use of the panels but somehow it still works for me :) I like that it was inspired by Nature... things that are made this way usually have an edge over more technically based design efforts.

This car looks like it has one of those straw umbrellas stuck in it from a distance but what it really represents is a vehicle that has its own power collection system. Almost a perpetual motion of energy...almost.  I love seeing crazy renditions of a product done just for the sake of doing it and this was a great site to see at the +International CES  #CES2014 

Interesting fact: Joseph Hui is featured on a Facebook page entitled Solar Man

You can find Monarch Power at 

Technical specifications for the Lotus Mobile System are available from Monarch here including prices and CES specials