Sunday, June 8, 2014

ISS Star Trails Time Lapse

ISS Star Trails Time Lapse

This is an update to this post about capturing the ISS flyover

Working on a TL of the images I took of the ISS over Hollister
Click the image to see the time lapse. It will take you to my smugmug account where the video seems to play best.

Just a short post to show you what I am working on. When I was making the final still image for the ISS project #SpotTheStation I watched the image build layer by layer.  It was very cool and thought it would be fun to make a complete TL from all the imagery I shot that night.  I am working on a high resolution video that incorporates most of the imagery I shot that evening.

Thanks to everyone for their interest in this project and special thanks to the ISS crew for taking the time to look at my imagery of them passing by one night and my crazy friends for getting me interested in this.  More to come......