Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A San Francisco WalkPhoto

A San Francisco WalkPhoto.... er Photowalk

I am about done resting up from a long weekend of walking, photography, Jazz, and Ingress. The photowalk was arranged by +Chris Chabot to welcome and meet +Dave Powell, of ShootTokyo.com, to the city for his visit from Japan.  Now most photowalks are a bit unplanned and there is never a preplanned route so you never know how far you might go.  This walk was much more a walk with some great photo opportunities than most walks I have been on.  I covered about 8 miles from 2pm until about 11pm with most of the distance being walked by dinnertime.

Chris Chabot our organizer and Dave Powell  of Shoottokyo our guest of honor

I plan on doing Fremont peak many times after this and there are a couple of other places I am now putting on my list that I thought I might never be able to do like Burning Man. I am so lucky to have found a way to keep up my physical therapy, and so happy it opens up opportunities to feed my addiction for photography. Thanks to Dave and Chris's winging it I had my longest photowalk ever and here is the 8 mile path we took http://goo.gl/maps/F6653.

Dave Powell plays with OCF

If you have never been on a photowalk, then go on one soon even if you only have your cell phone camera. (yeah thats ok too) Anything goes and sometimes it keeps on going and going and going...

A few good resources for finding walks are below:

Here are more images from that day...

Yes that is 120 film

Cynthia Pyun could not attend but her cookies did

Chris Chabot and Lisa Borel chat at lunch

Beauty and Balance


are so much fun!


Street Photography after dinner


my stance was approved 

Loaning expensive lenses